Some Ideas For A Football Run Through Banner

By Nita McKinney

Before a particular football game starts, most especially in different high school and college events, it is normal for a team to pass a football run through upon going into the field. The cheerleaders and mascots are often assigned and are responsible to hold both ends while the entire team is running over it. This is usually done to surprise and intimidate their opponents and most especially, it will represent a certain symbol that is crucial for all of them.

The team name or the mascot is often the drawing that is found in a banner. It will serve as the substance to display the actual team. Each member may sign it to have additional effects in it. It denotes a certain level of pride and in the simplest way, it would proclaim who you are as a team.

Brick walls may be an interesting and great idea to be drawn in it. It designate a particular level of strength or conviction that is essential for every member in order to win a game. Drawing a few dozens of bricks might seem so redundant, but if you only add some details into the dimensions of each block, it will increase the quality and efficiency of the creativity of the crowd.

A motto or a quote can be used to attribute a specific sport in general. Choose a quote which may indicate your name. Choose the motto that would have an effect on the energy of the crowd. Also, consider drawing all the letters in alternating colors of your team.

While making it, know all the essential details that would be written and drawn including the wordings, graphics, logo and motto. A regular sized banner would usually be three meters in its width and about two meters for its height. A larger space would also be needed in creating it. Make sure that you choose the exact width that would accommodate the entry of all the players at once.

Choose a paper that allows paint or markers. Make sure that could tear off easily so that it will not hinder the players who are passing through. Use poles on both ends so that it will be easier to hold it. PVC, wood and other heavy cardboard tubes are highly recommended and attach it with the use of a heavy masking tape. PVC is often preferred by many people due to its durability, lightweight and can be easily cleaned.

In choosing the paper that will be used, it will be best to buy many of such. This will be used to do some test runs to ensure that it will tear off easily. In case the paper would fail to tear, either the poles would fall into the path of the players as they run through, it could cause injuries.

Stretch it across an opening where the team will pass. The good places would be a gate or the entrance of the place where the game will be held. It should be held firmly to prevent its poles from being pulled inwards as the paper tears.

Long strips of tape must be avoided in making football run through banners. It will only block the athletes from entering over it. Place some flaps and slits so that the wind can blow in it and so that it would not look like a parachute when you start to display it in a windy area.

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